Internet Information Server (IIS)

[Q] I am trying to install on IIS 6.0 (Win 2003 Server). I have had a look at the link for the "Paste your CSR below...\" but to no avail.

[A] IIS6.0 with nice screenshots (provided by Alaric Dailey)

[A] IIS SSL walkthru

Configuring Server Certificates for SSL (IIS 6.0)

How to Create and Install an SSL Certificate in Internet Information Server 4.0

How To Configure SSL in a Windows 2000 IIS 5.0 Test Environment by Using Certificate Server 2.0

Set Up SSL Using IIS 5.0 - Wildcard SSL - Importing in Windows IIS Server - Wildcard SSL - Exporting in Windows IIS Server

Create Certificate on IIS 7.0

How to create a server certificate on IIS 8.5

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If you want to "roll your own", then pick up a copy of the OpenSSL binaries.

Windows 2000 IIS “require SSL” notice

If one is unable to turn off SSL on an IIS website or virtual folder:

For example, if the default IIS website is setup to require https, and one unchecks “Require secure channel (SSL),” on a subfolder/virtual folder, and restarted IIS services, and tried to connect to the folder with “http://” one might get a:

HTTP 403.4 - Forbidden: SSL required

Which denotes that the SSL requirement is still in place.

Make sure you turned SSL off the right way!

When un-checking the Require secure channel (SSL) check box, if “Require 128-bit encryption” is shaded, click to select Require secure channel (SSL), click to clear Require 128-bit encryption, and then click to clear the Require secure channel (SSL) check box again.

IIS wildcard” certificate notice

IIS (6.0 for sure) is not able to generate a wildcard certificate request CAcert's automated system understands. If one tries to submit such a certificate, one will get an error saying something like:

The following hostnames were rejected because the system couldn't link themto your account, if they are valid please verify the domains against youraccount. Rejected:

The solution exists in using one of the alternate ways to generate te request (for instance openVPN works).

I want to use Class3 Cert under older Windows System

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