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Nick (IRC): law

CAcert community and CAcert Inc. member, Assurer
Organisation Assurer
Wiki admin
Issue admin

If you have any further questions about my work within CAcert or myself, feel free to contact me using my email address above.


Hello, my name is Mario Lipinski. I was born in December 1983 in Hildesheim, Germany and am now living in Braunschweig (Brunswick) in Lower Saxony, Germany. In personal life I am a student of computer science at the Technical University Carolina Wilhelmina Braunschweig with specialisation in networking and multimedia, information systems and hardware software systems and technical company management as non-technical task. I earn some money with my small business in web design and development and IT service and sometimes work for an event company at fairs as hand, video and/or lighting engineer. In my spare time I like using computer and internet and i enjoy playing table tennis and listening to (hard) electronic music and attending such events.

CAcert history

I had my first contact with CAcert at the CeBIT 2005 after reading an article on CAcert and got assured there for issuing certificates for my web server. So I have been a passive user for one year.

I got an email before CeBIT 2006 that assurers where needed for the event. Since I was not living far from Hannover, I agreed to volunteer. Since Organisation Assurance was to be announced on CeBIT 2006, I was trained as an organisation consultant and did this especially for CeBIT 2006. There I also got an organisation assured for which I am still working as admin and we are still using CAcert there. We are also using CAcert for a personal project since then.

The time after CeBIT 2006 was quite calm around my activity within CAcert. Every few month I answeared requests for Organisation Assurance. I also volunteered at CeBIT 2007 as assurer and organisation consultant.

Besided the usual assurances and contact with interested parties, many things around CAcert changed - the managements structure completely changed for adjusting CAcert to its enourmous size it had grown to. Jens and Ian somehow convinced me to coordinate events (e.g. trade shows) as CAcert Event Organisation Officer and to support the organisers of the individual events.

A short time after CeBIT 2007, organisation assurance was stopped. In fall the organisation assurance programme was renewed and established more people to become organisation assurer - so after being organisation consultant I became organisation assurer.

In 2008 I also was at events/CeBit2008 CeBIT for CAcert and also at the last Systems fair for assuring individuals and organisations.

As CeBIT somehow has a key role within my involvement with CAcert again at CeBIT 2009 things changed for me. I handed the Event Organisation Officer role over to Ulrich and got involved in software development. I also attended the Innsbruck meeting and there I was involved in the BirdShack design. I also helped out with some ATEs. Later I became administrator of wiki and issue tracking and an Arbitrator.

2010 I was nominated to become a Board member candidate.


Contact me, if you like to help on these topics.

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