Event Organiser

The event organiser is responsible for the organisation of an event. As with project organisation his responsibility is limited by the event, and his job is complete when the event is finished. Of course, he may handle multiple events, concurrently.

The tasks are:

When there are more (than one or two) Assurers, the EventOrganiser is *not* primarily responsible for doing Assurances. His job is to step back from the detailed assurances and make sure that all else is running. Primarily, he helps the many Assurers to do their job by making them more effective. If he has time, he also observes the Assurers, coaches them, and helps them where possible.


If you have any administration problems or questions, you can consult many sources:

Running an Event gives you responsibility to organise and ensure that things run smoothly. However, you do not have "authority" over Assurers or Members in the classical military sense of giving orders. Only the Arbitrator has ruling authority (as per CCA and DRP), so if there are serious problems, you have to file a dispute. On the other hand, Assurers have to be professional too, and should assist.


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