Current CAcert Email lists

CAcert maintains several email lists. The lists that are visible you are free to subscribe to. Please visit the overview of all lists and our list website to subscribe to any list.

CAcert can use client side certificates to authenticate to the email list.

The tool used for CAcert email lists is Sympa. There is a manual for users using sympa email lists.

List of email lists

The current email lists ( is here.

New email lists

Proposals for initiation of an email list should be addressed to

Guide for Users

All lists that are visible you are allowed to subscribe to. If you have difficulties please email your list owner who will assist you in the resolution of any issues.

Policy Decisions for List Owners

List owners are the ones in charge of the operation of email lists. To achieve some consistency amongst lists the following configuration items should not be changed.{list}/description{list}/sending{list}/command privileges{list}/archives archives{list}/bounces{list}/data_source{list}/other


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