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    * ImportRootCert - How can I trustCAcert´s root certificate?

Welcome to the 'Unofficial' CAcert Wiki

These page is a user-maintained FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) for [http://www.CAcert.org]. CAcert.org offers FREE digital certificates for everyone.


FAQ, Support, Tutorials, Documents

  • ["FAQ"] - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • GettingSupport - Mailing lists, IRC, email, etc.

  • TutorialsHowto - Tutorials and HOWTOs about everything you need

  • WikiNewbie - A Wiki Newbie? Don't worry! Go here to learn how you can contribute to this wiki!

  • ImportRootCert - How can I trustCAcert´s root certificate?

Main documents

Assuring People & Organizations

  • ["FAQ/AssuranceIntroduction"] - Introduction to Assurance: Short and easy to understand
  • ["FAQ/AssuranceDetails"] - All the Details about Assuring and Points

  • ["FAQ/AssuranceByCAP"] - Getting Assured by a CAcert Assurer
  • ["FAQ/AssuranceInformationForCAP"] - Information for CAcert Assurers
  • ["FAQ/AssuranceByTTP"] - Getting Assured by a Trusted Third Party (TTP)
  • ["FAQ/AssuranceInformationForTTP"] - Information for Trusted Third Partys (TTP)

  • EventOrganisation - What to consider for assuring on big events. What procedures proved best?

  • VipAssurance - Assuring Very Important People VIP !

Technical Stuff

Organisational Things

Task Forces

Latest projects

  • PolicyDrafts - is a section dedicated to the drafting of policies required under a CA audit.

  • OcspResponder - Technical details about our OCSP Responder

  • VhostTaskForce - Securing Vhosts with SSL, compatibility

  • SmartCards - Requirements for Smart Cards.

  • DomainController - Taskforce on working out what's needed for MS clients to authenticate with PKI

General Tasks


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