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   1 [21:59:30]  <bdmc>	I see that I am late, today.
   2 [22:00:08]  <bdmc>	Is everybody muted?
   3 [22:00:14]  <FD>	Hi Brian
   4 [22:00:21]  <bdmc>	Greetings, Frederic.
   5 [22:00:23]  <FD>
   6 [22:00:24]  <Etienne>	One minute too early...
   7 [22:00:31]  <bdmc>	B-)
   8 [22:00:36]  <FD>	Good evening, Etienne.
   9 [22:01:05]  <Etienne>	Hello everybody
  10 [22:01:06]  <bdmc>	I was having trouble earlier, trying to edit the Agenda.  I would click "Save" and it would just go away.
  11 [22:01:15]  <bdmc>	Never come back.
  12 [22:01:52]  <FD>	However, if you try to open the same page in another tab, you will see that your writing has been saved
  13 [22:02:22]  <bdmc>	In any case, shall we start, and get done in 15 minutes, or wait a few minutes?
  14 [22:02:34]  <Etienne>	My experience in Wiki: Wait a while, then reload the page. It is already saved, but the screen remains.
  15 [22:02:49]  <FD>	Well, we have a quorum. Let's start!
  16 [22:02:53]  <Etienne>	We are five
  17 [22:03:03]  <FD>	Who is there?
  18 [22:03:09]  <bdmc>	Onwards:  I hereby call this meeting to order.
  19 [22:03:25]  <Etienne>	FredericGrither, FD, sat, bdmc, Etienne
  20 [22:03:57]  <FD>	Are they here, or are their ghosts here?
  21 [22:04:06]  <bdmc>	Thank you, Etienne.   Should I assume that you will be taking care of Minutes, or should I ask for volunteers?
  22 [22:04:15]  <FD>	Live temporary notepad to keep track of the minutes - please participate in the writing
  23 [22:04:25]  <FD>
  24 [22:05:11]  <bdmc>	"Waiting for ..."
  25 [22:05:38]  <bdmc>	In any case, I think that we all want this meeting to move along quickly.
  26 [22:06:38]  <bdmc>	Item 1.4 -- Is there anything in either of the mailing lists that we need to bring to this meeting, that is not already on the Agenda?
  27 [22:06:47]  <FD>	Well, may I invite you to the audio channel, as we said we would give a try to it today?
  28 [22:06:53]  <FD>
  29 [22:07:25]  <bdmc>	I will have to leave you, then, because this machine has no audio or video capabilities.
  30 [22:07:53]  <FD>	Etienne, I am afraid that nobody is here, beyond Brian, you and me.
  31 [22:09:05]  <FD>	Please, let's go ahead
  32 [22:09:42] 	bdmc_ (bdmc@ joined the channel.
  33 [22:10:09]  <FD>	Did you get disconnected, Brian?
  34 [22:11:14]  <bdmc_>	I am connected to a channel with you.
  35 [22:11:57]  <FD>	Do you mean ?
  36 [22:12:13]  <bdmc_>	Yes.
  37 [22:12:28]  <FD>	Very good. Can you hear me?
  38 [22:13:04]  <FD>	Etienne, are you still there?
  39 [22:13:10]  <bdmc_>	No
  40 [22:13:20]  <bdmc_>	FD: no, I can't.
  41 [22:13:40]  <FD>	You mean, no mike, no cam, no speakers... :-)
  42 [22:13:45]  <bdmc_>	FD: and can you hear me?
  43 [22:14:01]  <FD>	Brian: no, I can't.
  44 [22:14:53]  <Etienne>	FD: I can heare you.
  45 [22:15:01]  <bdmc_>	I saw Etienne join, but don't hear anything.  Let me check the technology.
  46 [22:15:40]  <FD>	Etienne can hear me, you should be able to do so too. Please, switch your speakers on.
  47 [22:15:43]  <FD>	:-0
  48 [22:16:22]  <Etienne>	There are no minutes from 20-08-2020, but from 13-08-2020, updated as discussed last meeting. There is allready a motion m20200830.2: Minutes 13-08-2020 to vote.
  49 [22:21:18]  <Etienne>
  50 [22:26:55]  <bdmc_>	Would everybody who is actually physically ( !! ) present, please identify themselves?  
  51 [22:27:20]  <bdmc_>	I am here, I know that FD and Etienne are, too, but are all of the others just "monitoring?"
  52 [22:32:23]  <FD>
  53 [22:34:22]  <bdmc_>	Because of certain technical issues, and a wish to keep this meeting short, I will now ask for suggestions for specific Agenda items.
  54 [22:34:48]  <bdmc_>	We will start with Item 2.1.1 Arbitration.
  55 [22:38:27]  <Etienne>	FD reports that following Philipp Dunkel as long as nobody complains, we can work according to common law without ABC or the two-hat rule.
  56 [22:42:56]  <Etienne>
  57 [22:43:43]  <FD>	Before Philip spoke, it was believed that only an arbitrator can overturn the decision of another arbitrator. Since his comments of June 2020, it seems to us that we could leave the legacy of the past "as is", unresolved, and make CAcert operate according to rules dictated by the necessity of the moment.
  58 [22:52:14]  <Etienne>	We need some back ground check. If not by Arbitration (ABC), why not by someone else (Board, Critical Admin, Infra Admin, Head of...)
  59 [22:54:10]  <FD>	This question primarily concerns the evaluation of volunteer applications for the Infrastructure team, the Critical team and the Support team.
  60 [22:55:47]  <FD>	Later on, the same question will quickly arise for the members of the Software team, particularly for the code review.
  61 [23:00:30]  <FD>	Brian proposes to post our conclusion on the board's public list, and to see the responses of the members who are following that work.
  62 [23:09:30]  <Etienne>	FD explains Business Model "security hardware appliances".
  63 [23:12:32]  <Etienne>	There are two code variants available. At the last session it was suggested not to do without the Paypal button. Should the implementation be paused until the finance team has presented its proposal on financial flows?
  64 [23:13:16]  <Etienne>	Brian propose to propose 3 options with 1st EU, 2nd AU, 3rd PP.
  65 [23:17:01]  <Etienne>	3. Infrastructure Status (probabely old information)
  66 [23:17:29]  <Etienne>	4. AGM Sat 2020-11-07-20:00 UTC: preparations are on the way.
  67 [23:17:50]  <Etienne>	5. Policy Group Information: There was a short discussion about adjustments in view of the move to Europe. Vote coming up soon. Please participate in the Policy Group mailing list.
  68 [23:18:24]  <Etienne>	6. Software
  69 [23:31:28]  <FD>	Etienne, BTW, could you udpate
  70 [23:32:03]  <Etienne>
  71 [23:44:29]  <Etienne>	Brian told: 1444 is stalled and bounded do the ABC problem. Etienne ask, if this could be the first project with another background check?
  72 [23:50:45]  <Etienne>	Etienne will ask the Software Team Lead about possible ways according to the Dunkel interpretation to continue with bug 1444.
  73 [23:55:55]  <Etienne>	FD propose, that bdmc should do some talk with software team members to know them better. Indeed, it is a matter of anticipating if we are successful at RIPE. bdmc agrees.
  74 [00:07:35]  <Etienne>	bdmc will create a management team, if....
  75 [00:09:30]  <Etienne>	7.2. Re-classification of CRL and OSCP
  76 [00:09:52]  <Etienne>	Mark O. wrote: "About your requests: attached a screenshot of network use on a random moment of time (a few minutes ago).  I do not see any clipping due to speed restrictions in this graph. I have read all contracts with BIT which I have, but it does not speak about network cost or bandwidth restrictions at all.  So, it seems we currently have unli
  77 [00:09:52]  <Etienne>	mited 1Gbit up/down for free."
  78 [00:10:26]  <Etienne>	Dirk A. wrote: "The CRL-server is currently limited in bandwidth on it's webserver ... maybe I should remove this limitation for some time (e.g. a day) and watch the bandwidth ..."
  79 [00:11:10]  <Etienne>	7.1. Status of applications for Critical/Infrastructure team
  80 [00:12:31]  <Etienne>	Jan DD has put the candidate through his paces. According to the FD, he is of the opinion that he is better at Critical than at Infra.
  81 [00:14:20]  <Etienne>	@egal: Dirk should welcome the candidate.
  82 [00:17:29]  <Etienne>	7.2. (again) As CRL is read only, bdmc has no issues with Dirks request.
  83 [00:21:06]  <Etienne>	Brian propose an intermediate meeting in two weeks, 17.09.2020, with as topic AGM (and others).
  84 [00:30:27]  <FD>	Very good. Let's see us on the 17th of September, then later on the 1st of September.
  85 [00:30:40]  <FD>	Very good. Let's see us on the 17th of September, then later on the 1st of October.
  86 [00:30:45]  <Etienne>	back to the future?
  87 [00:41:53]  <FD>	Do we declare the meeting over?
  88 [00:48:36]  <Etienne>	I think it was closed eleven minutes ago.
  89 [00:48:57]  <FD>	Thank you, that is ok. Good night. Bye!
  90 [00:49:57]  <Etienne>	good bye

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