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   1 [22:13:54]  <bdmc>	OK.  I missed one of the Frederics.  Greetings to the other!
   2 [22:14:06]  <bdmc>	We seem to be the only two here.
   3 [22:14:13]  <FD>	Good afternoon Brian,
   4 [22:14:49]  <FD>	Well, may we stay on the IRC channel and open a parallel channel on ?
   5 [22:17:02]  <bdmc>	I'm at my "main" ( development ) machine, which does not have either sound or video.
   6 [22:17:15]  <FD>	OK
   7 [22:18:12]  <bdmc>	Have you had anything to do with Phpstorm and Xdebug?
   8 [22:19:52]  <FD>	I am afraid that I did not. Quickly googled what they are. I am not a developper, I wished I would have been one.
   9 [22:20:53]  <bdmc>	Just a "shot in the dark."  I have been fighting them all week.   I will work my way through.
  10 [22:24:40]  <FD>	Would you like to have the formal committee meeting to take place now, should Frédéric G. come back to the IRC chan? He just pong me by mail, asking about the actual date of the meeting.
  11 [22:24:52]  <bdmc>	Well, I guess that Etienne is unavailable tonight.   Still up the mountain, visiting Heidi's Grandfather.
  12 [22:24:55]  <bdmc>	B-)
  13 [22:25:27]  <bdmc>	I'm not sure that we can do much.  I know that my title is President, but Etienne really does almost all of the work.
  14 [22:25:51]  <bdmc>	One thing, though, is the Linux Foundation submission.
  15 [22:26:48]  <FD>	Well, going the non formal way, opening the shared document and brainstorming on the elevator pitch?
  16 [22:26:52]  <bdmc>	Since nobody else seems to be interested in contributing, perhaps we could work though it together.
  17 [22:27:29]  <bdmc>	Dirk, welcome stranger.  We seem to be having an "unofficial" meeting tonight.  Are you available for a while?
  18 [22:28:51]  <bdmc>	FD: Perhaps you could open a "blank" document and share it around.  This isn't the Strategic Plan document, this is the Elevator Pitch, as you said.
  19 [22:30:40]  <bdmc>	To Everybody:  Here is the page that we want to join, by adding a "card" to the list.  We are looking for a short paragraph that describes CAcert and our needs.
  20 [22:31:28]  <bdmc>	egal: Is this just your machine, or are you here, too?
  21 [22:32:16]  <FD>	Brian, would you create a new doc on and share it ?
  22 [22:33:16]  <bdmc>	OK.
  23 [22:34:46]  <bdmc>	Here we are:
  24 [22:35:21]  <FD>	Fine!
  25 [22:36:03]  <bdmc>	Did you suggest that the other Frederic join us or not?
  26 [22:37:04]  <FD>	I did ~10 minutes ago. I got no email reply since.
  27 [22:38:06]  <bdmc>	No problem.
  28 [22:53:05]  <bdmc>	FD: I just read your message ( one of them ) in my mailbox, about extending the Strategic Plan document to serve multiple masters.  That explains what you said earlier.
  29 [22:53:35]  <FD>	Let's go your way: one doc per topic. That's fine.
  30 [23:12:56]  <FD>	Hello Frédéric. Thank you for having joined the shared Elevator Pitch on G.DDocs.
  31 [23:15:59]  <Treasurer>	OK. Funny to see you writing real-time. I left here
  32 [23:16:09]  <Treasurer>	leave
  33 [00:00:42]  <FD>	Brian, good afternoon again. It was great to have some fun online, at last !
  34 [00:01:12]  <FD>	Let's complete the Linux Foundation registration in the coming days, it worth to do it.
  38 2019-08-08 : Live spontaneous chat across the document
  40 Character listing:
  41 Rabbit: Frederic G.
  42 Wolf: Frederic D. (first instance)
  43 Narwahl: Frederic D. (second instance)
  46 Rabbit: What do you think?   I like this.  It doesn’t start with CAcert’s name, but that is on the “Card” anyway.
  47 I wish that we could do the form together.   OK.  First field is Name: CAcert.
  48 Second is Topic/Category:  long list of “start typing and see what comes up.”  Security?  Any other ideas?    I, after you suggested it, used “Open Source Security/PKI/X.509
  49 Open Source Security? (because I find one “open source” in the topics, mainly Blockchain btw)
  50 But Security fits well for me. Short, precise, clear. And I am not sure people will see the topic that much.
  53 Wolf and Narwhal.  Would you mind moving the important parts of this document to your “official” one, please?
  55 Understood. I will save it. I am not Narwahl. :-)   B-)
  57 I am not Wolf :-)
  58 Feeling like a fool with all these nicknames flying around.
  59 Say Woooooh!
  61 Next question. Amount per year?  ( goal )  What should we put as our goal?  $5,000 ???  Treasurer?  Any suggestions?   
  62 We burn at least 3000 USD
  64 This is a public statement, publicly available. It should be compatible with the grant applications which we submitted otherwise.
  65 Agreed.  Do you remember what you put in yours?
  66 Good enough.  Will do.
  68 We are around 40K. USD
  69 ~30K : development
  70 ~10K : hosting
  71 ~5K   : conferences / trade shows
  73 OK.  Getting to the end.
  75 There are several “switches.”
  77 Bug Bounty goal -- I say no
  78 Development Goal -- I say yes -- 35% (upgrading PHP code, right)
  79 Documentation Goal -- I say yes -- 40 % (cleaning landing page and GUI, right ?)
  81 Marketing Goal -- I say yes -- 25% FD: 
  82 I don’t understand what “cost” are we going to suffer here? Buying add word to promote CAcert?   No, this is all of the cost ( also part of the Meetups goal ) to advertise CAcert around the world.  Other than actual conferences???  Or, we eliminate Meetups, and just have the one item.  I like that.
  84 Meetups Goal -- I say no
  85 Mentorship Goal -- I say no
  86 Travel Goal -- I say no
  88 Ah.  I can add a “Custom Goal.”  “Infrastructure?”
  89 Good idea
  90 Darn.  One last thing.  They want an image to go with the Infrastructure Goal.  A logo.  Any ideas?  I will put the CAcert one, but want to replace it.
  93 I just hit “Submit.”  I will create a new document to show the web page that they responded with.  It isn’t working.  I have a PDF, that I will mail FD and you can share. FD: good!  Mail on the way.   I’m leaving.   Thank you both.  B-) FD: Good Bye.
  95 OK.   
  97 Enough for today, right ? 00:23 local time.   Especially since I was supposed to leave here and pick up food for a meeting tonight, at 00:00 at the latest. OK, leave, go, Go, GO !
  98 So, time to go.
 100 Bye! Bye Frédéric !
 101 Good bye Brian !
 102 Thank you for your analytic skills, and for having clicked on ‘submit”.
 104 Both of you do a fantastic and productive job !
 106 This is because we want to make CAcert great again™ :-)  (said the fish with the unicorn)
 109 Each of the Yes ones need a percentage.  I will use your numbers above.  ??
 110 Agreed.
 111 I don’t think this is so much important. It is more to give an indication to the donor. Furthermore, we can adjust next year.
 113 What do you two think?
 114 Perfect for me
 115   I guess that I was just putting that as part of Marketing and Meetups.
 116 Agreed
 118 FD: Travel goal, for attending conferences / trade show, there is a travel budget, at least for the persons in charge of logistics.
 120 FD: Mentorship goal: what’s about a mentor who would help to solve the bricked Policies we have to reform in order to come back to some kind of more efficient work ?

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