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   1 10:02 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> hello to all
   2 10:02 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> good morning
   3 10:03 #board-meeting: <@StefanT> Good Morning
   4 10:03 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> I hereby open today's board meeting
   5 10:03 -!- INOPIAE changed the topic of #board-meeting to: Board Meeting 2016-01-10 10:00 UTC| the channel is moderated for voice to board member only |
   6 10:03 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> juergen can not attend today
   7 10:03 -!- mode/#board-meeting [+m] by INOPIAE
   8 10:04 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> do we have a quorum?
   9 10:04 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I see 4 board members
  10 10:04 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> OK, we have a quorum
  11 10:05 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> the meeting is opened
  12 10:05 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Topic 1.2 Accept the minutes from the last meeting.
  13 10:05 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE>
  14 10:06 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I have tom apologize that I finished the minutes an hour ago.
  15 10:07 #board-meeting: <@StefanT> I accept the minutes
  16 10:07 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> I move to accept the minutes from the last meeting
  17 10:08 #board-meeting: <@felix> second and aye
  18 10:08 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> aye
  19 10:08 #board-meeting: <@StefanT> Second & Aye
  20 10:08 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> aye
  21 10:08 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> the minutes are accepted
  22 10:08 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> AYE 4 
  23 10:09 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> topic 1.3 Who is making minutes? 
  24 10:09 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I will do the minutes
  25 10:09 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Thank you Marcus
  26 10:10 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> topic 1.4 Chair asks whether cacert-board-private maillist includes any items that need to be disclosed to Members. 
  27 10:11 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I see nothing to dislose
  28 10:12 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> dislose / disclose
  29 10:13 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Okay - there have been no emails send to board-private only
  30 10:13 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Topic 1.5 Chair asks whether cacert-board maillist includes any business items that aren't on the agenda yet. 
  31 10:14 #board-meeting: <@StefanT> Nothin from me
  32 10:14 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> agreed
  33 10:14 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Topic 1.6 Chair introduces the URL of action items to the meeting, and asks for discussion. 
  34 10:15 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> As they have not yet been updated there is nothing to be done here.
  35 10:16 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> agreed
  36 10:16 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Topic 2 Businesses
  37 10:17 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Topic 2.1 Opinion survey about Re-Signing procedure
  38 10:19 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> The opinion survey was started on 2016*-01-21 and end on 2016-01-28 0:00 ITC. 
  39 10:19 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> ITC/UTC
  40 10:20 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> The invitation was sent to 72 members.
  41 10:20 #board-meeting: <@StefanT> There was questions about the survey! Who can look at the summaries?
  42 10:21 #board-meeting: <@felix> As stated in the invitation mail itself, everyone may do so by using the given link.
  43 10:22 #board-meeting: <@felix> That link will only work when the poll has finished.
  44 10:22 #board-meeting: <@felix> As there was also confusion about the "verification tokens":
  45 10:22 #board-meeting: <@felix> The summary will contain lists of all verification tokens that voted "yes" and the ones that voted "no"
  46 10:23 #board-meeting: <@felix> so by using your token, you can verify that your vote was conted there
  47 10:23 #board-meeting: <@felix> (and by checking it with others that you trust you can verify that your token is unique)
  48 10:24 #board-meeting: <@felix> (or only check parts...)
  49 10:25 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> thank you, felix, for the explanation
  50 10:26 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> next Topic 2.2 Key persons list 
  51 10:27 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> As the former board did not hand over the key persons list they had created I collected the information again.
  52 10:27 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I recieved most of the information.
  53 10:27 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I will compose a first list next week and send it out as encrypted mail to all persons on the list.
  54 10:27 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> Let us prepare a Wiki page for the process of the key person list.
  55 10:28 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> thank you, Marcus
  56 10:28 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> next Topic 2.3 Get support working
  57 10:30 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I had a second training with Werner were 3 board members were attending as witness
  58 10:30 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> I will send out the report about the training this week.
  59 10:32 #board-meeting: <@felix> From what I whitnessed at this trainig, the points explicitly stated in the arbitration case were covered during that meeting
  60 10:34 #board-meeting: <@felix> also I perceived the training as successful
  61 10:34 #board-meeting: <@felix> so when this is covered in the report, I'd see no obstacle of putting Werner back to work.
  62 10:34 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> thank you
  63 10:36 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> next topic 2.4 FOSDEM (stand in K building, bottom floor) 
  64 10:36 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> our booth at FOSDEM is accepted
  65 10:37 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> We will have a stand at the FOSDEM. It will be located in K buling on the ground floor on the left handside of the lecture room.
  66 10:39 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> I hope toi see as many assurers as possible
  67 10:40 #board-meeting: <@StefanT> Good bye. I have to go about a medical problem in the family!
  68 10:40 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> see you soon
  69 10:40 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> we have still a quorum
  70 10:40 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> next Topic 2.5 EBCA (European Bridge CA - 
  71 10:41 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> We had a presentation as guests and demonstrated how CAcert works
  72 10:42 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> We received the invitation several months ago. 
  73 10:43 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> The presentation showed the "ATE Presentation"
  74 10:45 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> Thanks for the information about it.
  75 10:46 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> next Topic 2.6 Risk Analysis & physical inventory
  76 10:48 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Our internal auditor requested a current risk analysis several months (17 ?) ago.
  77 10:48 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> There is a risk analysis from former external auditor. That paper is outdated in any kind.
  78 10:49 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> The paper was written about 2009 or aerlier.
  79 10:50 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> We have to take into account themes like hardware, software and the situation of alla teams
  80 10:51 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> Let us prepare a list of topics for the next meeting.
  81 10:52 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> If anybody has ideas that might be important for the risk analysis please sent them to board via mail.
  82 10:56 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> We should have a dedicated inventory list of the hardware located at BIT.
  83 10:58 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> We should also think about legal requirements.
  84 10:59 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> any comments?
  85 11:00 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Let us prepare a list of issues which should be covered by a risk analysis.
  86 11:01 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> We place this in the wiki. So everybody may contribute.
  87 11:01 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Topic buisiness closed.
  88 11:01 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> next Topic 3. Question Time 
  89 11:02 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> open the channel please
  90 11:02 -!- mode/#board-meeting [-m] by INOPIAE
  91 11:02 #board-meeting: < katzazi> who has access to the file system where the survey is running?
  92 11:04 #board-meeting: < katzazi> who will be able to study the logs of the changes on that file system?
  93 11:05 #board-meeting: < katzazi> what do you do about the fact that nearly 5% of the original tokens for the survey were made public because of people were replying to the invitation mail?
  94 11:07 #board-meeting: <@felix> To 1st Question: see (as you already noticed) for the admins of that system.
  95 11:07 #board-meeting: < katzazi> that does not give us information about who has access to which parts
  96 11:08 #board-meeting: <@felix> To 2nd Question: to our knowledge there is no logging on file system level done on that machine. --> no one will be able to study the logs.
  97 11:08 #board-meeting: < katzazi> so we will not be able to check what files were there prior to the survey
  98 11:08 #board-meeting: < katzazi> or if someone crated files during the survey
  99 11:09 #board-meeting: < katzazi> while about 7 people may have access?
 100 11:11 #board-meeting: < katzazi> if we compare our confirmation-tokens even partly this removes the anonymity is this intended?
 101 11:12 #board-meeting: < katzazi> who wrote the code for the survey?
 102 11:12 #board-meeting: < katzazi> who started the survey? is there a logging about this?
 103 11:13 #board-meeting: < katzazi> can you give some update about the investigation that you claim to have started?
 104 11:15 #board-meeting: < katzazi> what will board do if there are 5% "no" in the survey, or 10% or even more?
 105 11:15 #board-meeting: < katzazi> what will board do if the survey results in "yes"?
 106 11:20 -!- mode/#board-meeting [+m] by INOPIAE
 107 11:21 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> AS I wrote already in an email the investigation committee will start soon. there are 2 assurers nominated for this task; a third person is contacted.
 108 11:21 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> The committee will start soon.
 109 11:21 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> All other questions could be answered by yourself, because you got all informations as everybody else.
 110 11:22 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> See the git page for the code, see the wiki and the emails
 111 11:22 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> I propose the held our next board meeting in 2 weeks, same place same time
 112 11:24 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> the next board meeting will be held on Sunday, 2016-02-07 at 10:00 UTC
 113 11:24 #board-meeting: <@INOPIAE> aye
 114 11:24 #board-meeting: <@felix> aye
 115 11:24 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> accepted
 116 11:24 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> I hereby close today's board meeting
 117 11:25 #board-meeting: <@ReinhardM> Thanks to all and have a nice sunday.

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