Minutes of the "Board" meeting 2008 February 29 at 9 pm - 10:30 pm MET.

Executive Summary

The Board met via Skype chat on 29th of February 2008.

Board cleaned up decisions made via email by the board for the period of June 2007 up to February 2008.

Priority has been given to get CAcert services audited: Audit project (funded by NLnet by 36.ooo Euro), Audit Project work done by Ian Grigg, audit was stalled on completion of servers move to the Netherlands, which should be solved by technical arrangements via the Cachaca Project lead by Evaldo Gardenali in cooperation with Philipp G├╝hring.

Policy documents have been reviewed by the Board. If needed for urgent reasons and filling gaps Board should help on decisions taken for the policies. Organisation Assurences need to be bootstrapped by using approval decisions taken by the Board and advised by CAcert local full Assurers.

Greg Rose resigned from the board for personal reasons. Teus Hagen is new president.

Thomas Widhalm is accepted to join the Association.


  1. Welcome
  2. Acknowlegdment of decisions made via email, see wiki

  3. financial report
    • non-profit tax arrangements
  4. Greg Rose leaves the Board per 1st of March. New President.
  5. Acceptation of associations foundations into Foundations Policy framework

  6. Motion: Accept the Memorandum of Understanding with Ian Grigg for Audit Project work totalling 36K euro. Enabled by a funding from Stichting NLnet.
  7. Status and action for completion of CAcert services move to the Netherlands.
    • initiate Cachaca project (technical arrangements for last two services move).
  8. Policies status
  9. Policies work in progress
  10. CAcert Departments/offices, updated chart

  11. Next AGM: to do
    • Friday XYZ November 2008, 11pm MET
    • yearly report (financial and board report)
    • encourage membership of association
    • update membership list (fees, reachability)
    • board election
  12. Sub-Committees
    • Management Sub-Committee (2 persons only, auditer coopted, be-weekly meetings, minutes on wiki)
    • need for second Sub-Committee? Eg Technical Sub-Committee
  13. round table
  14. close of meeting

Committee (Board) meeting minutes (need to be reviewed)

1. Welcome

2. Acknowledged decisions made via email wiki

3. financial report (Robert)

4. Greg Rose resigns from the board.

5. Accept Oophaga and Secure-U within Policy on Foundations.

6. the Memorandum of Understanding with Ian Grigg for Audit Project work

7. Cachaca Project proposal for technical arrangements for moving last servers to NL.

8. Status of policy documents

9. Policies in WiP and draft

10. CAcert Organisation Chart.

11. AGM November 2008 arrangements.

12. Sub-Committees

13. Round table

14. Meeting closed at 10:30 pm MET.

The Skype log of the meeting can be found here. Privacy sensitive information has been deleted from the log.


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