Educated Assurance

The purpose of Educated Assurances is Training

The Principles of the Community defines


Educated Assurance were made long time before Audit reaches the Assurance area. By Co-Audited Assurances deployment this process has been formalized.

The Assurer (Coach)

The Assurer has to inform the Assuree (Trainee), that he plans to start an Educated Assurance in a mutual Assurance Process. So the member (trainee) who should assure the Assurer (coach) gets a warning, that this is a test, and the presented CAP form potentialy contains errors.

These errors, the test candidate (trainee) has to discover.

After the first test round, the trainee has finished the assurance, the Assurer (coach) is obliged, to disclose the remaining errors in the educational process. Walking thru each remaining error, to train the test candidate (trainee).

The Assurers (coach) obligation is:

  1. to notify the test candidate (trainee) about an Educated Assurance
  2. that the resulting Assurance ends with 0 errors (!)

The Assurer (coach) is liable and bound to Arbitration regarding the Educated Assurance over the test candidate (trainee).

By default, educated assurances were started by Experienced Assurers or Senior-Assurers but are not limited to.

The Test Candidate (Trainee)

The test candidate is doing a regular assurance over the Assurer (coach) (mutual assurance).

Within this Assurance the test candidate becomes trained on the Assurance process:

  1. the request to the assuree if he has an account (5 purposes of Assurance)
  2. to check for primary email of the assuree
  3. to check the CAcert Community Agreement (disclosure of R/L/O's)

  4. on the details of ID checking
  5. the details on Name-, Signature-, DoB- verifications

The test candidates goal is to discover all errors and problems presented to him. After disclosure of all errors, the test candidate is allowed to make an Assurance Statement. This has not to include the try of the Assurer (coach) to implement errors into the process to baffle the test candidate, as this has been notified by the Assurer (coach)

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