Before: Arbitrator name arbitrator (A), Respondent: Reinhard M (R1), Martin G (Rs) Claimant: Mario L (C), Case: a20151208.1

History Log

EOT Private Part

Original Dispute

note from iCM: parts in [] are removed/adjusted for privacy reasons.

2016-05-10: Inermediate Ruling II given in a20151125.1 (by A of a20151125.1):

By this Martin G is added as a respondent to this case.

Pre arbitration action

1. Note from iCM: While in theory there may be a conflict of interest on my side regarding this case (did not check in detail) - I need to referenece and address this case in the context of a ruling in a20151125.1, so I need it in the wiki.

As no other iCM moved this case into the wiki, even as urgency was claimed within 5 months, I regard any possible conflict of interest to be less relevant than the need to have this case in the wiki. That I handle this case as iCM is coordinated with the CM of a20151125.1.

2. Note of iCM: The respondent and relieve of this case are not completely clear. This maybe has to be adjusted by the Arbitrator. Possible further respondents based on the dispute could include:

3. Note of iCM: While the dispute contains a mail that was originally marked as "under seal" and "confidential" the content of the mail in general (even if not the mail as such) is already public knowledge. This part is crucial to understand the dispute. Also by filing the dispute as such the claimant has made the decision to make the issue as such public. Also the named [possibly] sealed motion is not part of the mail. As neither privacy nor security reasons seem to apply and the mail as such does not contain anything that did not become public by the execution of that mail or later events, this part is not removed in the interest of the transparency of this case.





to be completed


Strike down AGM resolutions


remove defamatory statement

Similiar Cases

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