Before: Arbitrator name arbitrator (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Juergen B (C), Case: a20140928.1

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At 2016-07-02 the claimant motioned to withdraw from this case:

The motion with the identifier m20160702.7 has been accepted.

    Withdraw from 20140928.1
    Resolved, that CAcert Inc withdraws from case a20140928.1.  The case relates to certificates that might have been issued, but no evidence presented of that.  If such certificates were issued, they are almost expired.  The case is more a security incident than an arbitration and documented as 1.2 in

As a general comment, the filing of cases in uncertain situations is to be discouraged.  The community should be encouraged to do more of the investigation and respond with facts so that others can help.  Throwing a case over the wall to arbitration results in clogged arbitration, not resolution.  Any review of DRP should ask how to encourage more active cleaning of the case load and more skepticism over marginal and make-work cases.

[Note: motion recorded from committee meeting]

Vote type: motion
        Ayes: 4
        Nayes: 0
        Abstentions: 0
        Percentage: 100%


none - case was withdrawn.

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