Before: Arbitrator Mario Lipinski (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Benedikt H as internal Auditor (C), Case: a20140927.1

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Dear Benedikt,

for the case "Audit request for ABC questionnaire" that is recorded under the number a20140927.1 I come to the following ruling.

C should get access to a copy of the questionnaire used by the arbitration team during Arbitrated Background Checks. CM should send a copy. That questionnaire is no controlled document, but shared within the arbitration team. Other arbitrators may use another version of the document.

Reasoning: First, there is no policy that defines how to handle the ABC questionnaire. However, it is kept private within the arbitration team to limit the respondent to prepare verbatim answers to the issues addressed in the interview. C already attended an ABC interview a20140124.1 and is aware of the procedure and questions asked. The request for a copy to check during his audit on Arbitrated Background Checks is reasonable.

Braunschweig, 2014-10-31
Mario Lipinski


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