Before: Arbitrator EvaStöwe (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Support represented by Marcus M (C), Case: a20140926.2

History Log

Link to Arbitration case a20140926.2 (Private Part), Access for (CM) + (A) only

EOT Private Part

problems during deletion of account

original Dispute

The original case was a delete account case.

Parts in [] removed by iCM because of possible privacy reasons.

Arbitration Advice/Ruling

Here is the "advise"/ruling:
1. in general:
 * If there is a ticket that requires some access or process, but none of the defined processes are matching or working, the case has to be handed over to arbitration. Please read up the part about "Support" in the Security Policy [4] for clarification, if necessary.
 * This is especially true for delete account cases as the CCA explicitly requires them to be handled either by following a ruled process or by Arbitration, directly.

2. Specifically:
 * Please check for active certificates AND PGP-keys at the time where support tried to close this account prior to filing the dispute.
 * Please also try to close this account  following the normal procedure, again, if this was not already done.
 * If this is not possible and "the software tells you that the certificate retention time for at least one certificate is not over yet", again, please check the according times (including retention times) of certificates AND PGP-keys. If they are preventing the closure, continue with the normal process.
 * If this is not the issue that is preventing the closure of the account, please hand over the complete case to arbitration. In this case please include any relevant data of the case, that may be of interest.
 * Afterwards, please report your steps/findings to this case.

Eva Stöwe, 2016-08-11


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There is a multitude of similar account deletion cases. They are available through the Categegory links mentioned towards the end of this case log. For brevity only the applicable precedents cases are listed here and one very similar case involving CAcert signatures on GPG/PGP keys as a reference.


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