Before: Arbitrator Eva Stöwe (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Lora (C), Case: a20140925.2

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C (the owner of the primary email address) got an automated mail send from CAcert because of a policy change. C did not know about the existence of the account and asked for its closure.

It was discovered that the account was created with another email address, some days later the now primary address was created and some minutes afterwards a certificagte was created. This was during the last year but more than 6 months ago.

It has to be assumed that the account was created by somebody else than the claimant, who had access to the email account somehow.

The email address from which the account was created was tried to be contacted but without an answer.

To ensure that there was no issue with the software, it is sensible to ask the teams about any issues. But as there are no other indicators in this direction, this would be quite unlikely.


As there was a certificate issued directly after the primary address was added, it may be that an incorrect certificate was issued if the claim about the email address is correct. Because of this, the account should not be closed by the normal procedure but:

Support should hijack the account and

If someone asks to free the email address a dispute should be filed with reference to this case.

The claimant should be informed that there may be the possibility that the email address was compromised as we do make an ownership check before adding addresses to an account.

Software and critical team should be contacted by the Arbitrator to check issues with the mail verification. The check itself will not be covered by this case.

-- Velbert, 2014-10-18


Note from A: The information that critical team could spot with more data according to mail from critical team, is more or less the one that support already provided for this case.

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