Before: Arbitrator AlexRobertson(A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Eva S as Policy Officer (C), Case: a20140728.1

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original Dispute

Discovery 1

This case is essentially about the authorisation of a mailing to all members regarding the recent changes made to the CAcert Community Agreement (CCA).

Between the raising of this case by Eva as Policy Officer and the availablility of an Arbitrator and Case Manager to actually process it, Eva has resigned as Policy Officer - this leaves the case without a clear claimant authorised to act for Policy Group in the processing of this case.

However there is a clear requirement under CCA both as it was and in the new version to notify members by email of changes to CCA - this leaves it necessary to process the case and thus it needs to be left open.

Interim Ruling 1

This case will need interaction from somebody authorised to act on behalf of Policy Group. Without that the case is stalled.

I therefore adjourn the case until an appropriate person is identified who is prepared to take over the role of claimant in the case. Both Policy Group and Board will be so notified.

Alex Robertson
CAcert Arbitrator
Crewe, UK
21st August 2014



No final ruling since the case is withdrawn.

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