Before: Arbitrator name arbitrator (A), Respondent: acting Support team member from s20140623.75 (R), Claimant: Benedikt H (as internal Auditor) (C), Case: a20140712.1

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Private Part

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original Dispute

second dispute mergend into this case from a20140815.1

Dear Arbitrators,

As CAcert's internal Auditor, I would like to open a dispute against
supporter Werner D[...].

Audit got aware of a attempted data privacy breach and abuse of
supporter power by named supporter, documented in i20140814.1 [1]. Audit
has not the tools and power to prosecute an individual based on his/her
misbehaviour. Therefore, I'd would like to ask arbitration to take over
the case and handle the individual prosecution against named supporter.

The Supporter violated § 8 in conjunction with § 9 Privacy Policy [2] by
attempting to look up the data related to an email address posted to the
public mailing list ( with a support
question. Based on his statement, the attempt was not successful, since
the address does not exist in our database.

This case might be related to [4].

Best Regards


pre Arbitration Activity

Update of claimant

Benedikt who filed the case as internal auditor has resigned from that post and so far there was no successor. By this it seems that the role of claimant has fallen to CAcert represented by board. Board has agreed with this point of view via motion motion m20160921.2. Benedikt did not respond when he was informed about according considerations.

Benedikt as a person is not party of this case.

Further details can be found in the history log and in FrOSCon-2016-Report a report of a session to clarify the future of a multitude of cases where the filing member had resigned but which possibly looked as cases filed in a CAcert role. The current case was one of them.

Update of relief

The part in the named review regarding this case reads:

1. a20140712.1 - "Dispute against the acting supporter in s20140623.75"

Link: a20140712.1

short summary of dispute:

Audit got aware of a massive data privacy breach and abuse of supporter power by the respondent. documented in i20140625. 3 times violation of two parts of Privacy Policy and also abuse of power to request additional information and provide false information (see also a20140624.1). Request: ask arbitration to handle the individual prosecution"

Dirk and Gero (both: role board):
 * Will be continued by CAcert Inc.
 * updated relief: To exclude that supporter from support and any other critical jobs, forever 

Dirk (role support)

Dirk also stated that this would be in the interest of the support team. 

merge with case a20140815.1

At same session board as claimant of a20140815.1 requested to merge that case into this case, as both have same claimant, same respondent and same nature.




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