Before: Arbitrator EvaStöwe (A), Respondent: Haz H. (name needs to be verified) (R), Claimant: CAcert (C), Case: a20140405.1

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original Dispute

Support moved the following mail to Arbitration instead of a dispute, because

  1. Support has no precedents case to fix the passwort reset problem in this case
  2. The member acknowledged to have entered wrong data in his account which is a CCA violation
    > Dear Support,
    > My certificate expired. I would like to creat a new one but I cannot
    > login to my account. I tried changing the password but I got stuck on
    > the date of birth which obviously I typed random when creating an
    > account (i was not aware it will be used to verify my account). Is there
    > a way to have the password reset in any other way? How long does it
    > take?


To enter wrong data into the account has to be considered as a violation of CCA 2.3

"2.3 Obligations

You are obliged [...] 2. to make no false representations. [...]"


Regarding arbitration case a20140405.1 I come to the following ruling:

The claimant should contact support with the primary email address and a reference to this mail and ask to get this address released out of his current account.

Support should than hijack the account of the claimant and add an email-address pointing to this arbitration case. This address should be changed to primary email address, and the orignal primary email address should be removed from the account.

The claimant than may create an new account with this email address. He should take care to enter his personal data as it is written in his official documents.

When he has created a new account he should report back to support to get domains released out of his current (then old) account. Support should check if the entered data looks convincing as that of a the claimant and if this is the case remove any domains from the old account. This account should than be closed without further with a reference to this case where needed.

Hamburg, 2014-04-16


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