Before: Arbitrator: EvaStöwe (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: CAcert (Support - originally filed by Marcus M) (C), Case: a20140316.1

History Log

Link to Arbitration case a20140316.1 (Private Part), Access for (CM) + (A) only

EOT Private Part

Original Dispute

Parts in {} anonymised.

Preliminary Ruling

I hereby give the following preliminary ruling:

A patch for bug 1259 may not be set productive until the arbitration
case a20140316.1 is decided or there is a ruling in that case that
allows to set such a patch productive.

Eva Stöwe - 2016-08-14


Resolved, that the board considers the bugs filed referred to in the case a20140316.1 are sufficient to the underlying needs, that the case is misfiled, and that the board does not want to encourage the use of Arbitration to bypass or force other channels.

By this act, board has to be considered to take over the representation of the claimant, so the claimant is adjusted to be "CAcert (represented by board)". As head of the executive area, board is able to such a task from the teams, if board sees such a need, at least in cases where some authorisation is requested.

It has to be noted down that the motion was given at the board meeting after the Arbitrator had a) stated that she had gathered everything needed to come to a ruling based on earlier discussiond on board mailing list and in that board meeting and b) given a possible overview about the considered ruling. Which included the possibility of a fine against CAcert because of the request to provide support team members access to user data which the members would consider to be removed on a regular basis, without being able to name any relevant argument and even further to make it easy for support to look up accounts (by accident or intention) which have no relation to a support case at all.



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