Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: Marcelo Z (R), Claimant: CAcert(C), Case: a20130627.1

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Original Dispute

 The account [email] is correct. It lists first name: Marcelo and
 last name: [name] with birthday [date]. It is the old account and shall
 be deleterd. 

 The account [email] is in error and should be corrected, but
 the user doesn't answer. The first name is: Marcelo, the middle name is: [name]
 and the last name is: [name] with birthday [date].

 The last mail I sent was:

 [mail header]

 Hello Marcelo [...],

 I still got no answer. If you do not answer, I cannot help you. Besides
 that, if you have wrong entries in your account and you do not answer
 and clarify that, I can close your accounts by force. Definitively the
 entries of your middle name (second forename) and last name (family
 name) in your account [email] seem not correct.

 > we are still waiting for an answer. Please tell us what you want to do
 > and confirm that we shall delete the account [email].

 >> what I suggest to to.
 >> Please reply to this mail and give me the right to delete the account
 >> with the primary email address  [email].
 >> Afterwards you can include the mail address to your other account and
 >> give the new email address the status default email address.

 >> I checked you new account. Please make sure that your first, middle
 >> and last name are entered in the correct way.

 Kind Regards
 Werner D[...]
 CAcert support

Parts in [] anonymised at disclosure of dispute. May be adjusted by CM or Arbitrator. Parts in other language than Englisch removed (could be added again by CM or Arbitrator).




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