Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: Benny Baumann (R), Claimant: MichaelTänzer (C), Case: a20120703.1

History Log

Original Dispute, Discovery (Private Part) (optional)

EOT Private Part



Part I - reliability

The background check has not revealed any material issues in conflict with a role under Security Policy (SP).

In the interview I came to the conclusion that the candidate in question is considered reliable enough to gain access to CAcert systems and data as part of his work for CAcert. One minor theoreticaly CoI has been disclosed in the interview.

Part II - recommendations

Despite the fact (R) had not yet read SP in full by the time of the interview. x1)

I recommend Software-Assessment teamleader to continue with some training regarding procedures within CAcert following SP to check (R)'s understanding of CAcert's SP concept.

Pre ABC interview talks revealed (R)'s knowledge and experiences that is required in CAcert's Software-Assessment area. This is backed up by the experiences from the weekly Software-Assessment project team meetings where (R) did pre-reviews of a couple of patches.

x1) in a 2nd phone interview about 2 weeks later, (R) confirmed that he has read and understand SP in full

Part III - orders

I hereby rule that minutes taker and observer (Dirk) in ABC interview and phone interview shall destroy all files from his computer or other storage devices where he stored the ABC interview protocol and phone interview protocol.

Frankfurt/Main, 2012-09-21


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