Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: MichaelTänzer (C), Case: a20120330.1

History Log

Original Dispute, Discovery (Private Part)

EOT Private Part



From the information found during this case it seems plausible that before anonymisation the concerned account had the SE flag validly set, and the resetting of the flag was overlooked when processing DeleteAccountProcSEv2a.

Resetting the flags was one thing newly mentioned in DeleteAccountProcSEv2a, and could easily be overread. So, while Support deviated from the procedure, I judge this as a slight negligence, with no need to be pursued further.

The current Account Anonymisation Procedure has already been edited to give a bigger emphasize to the flags.


As laid down in the deliberation I rule that the SE flag in account shall be reset. No further action is considered necessary.

Munich, 2015-04-16


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