Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Terry T (C1) Alex R (C2), Case: a20120114.1

History Log

Original Dispute, Discovery (Private Part)

EOT Private Part

Original Dispute

by Terry T (C1)

Dear Sir,

I set up my account when I had incomplete information about the true relevance of the 'name', some time ago (no information on the web site of date).

I've been known as Terry T[...] all my life and, as a result, that is what I registered with.

Today, I attended the [event] and blithely presented my passport and driving license, both of which bear my full name: Terence Neil T[...] (hence [email] - don't you just love fathers :} ). Unfortunately, I now feel a complete fraud in that, although I now have 100 points, all my points seem to have been misbegotten.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Although I would prefer to keep 'Terry T[...]', this is not the assured name and ask that my account be changed to my formal name, "Terence Neil T[...]". I understand that any points I have accrued will need to be deleted and re-allocated by assurers.

I do appreciate your attention to this matter.

End of request

1st Aside

As an aside, [private reasons] had completely forgotten that I had a previous account. As a result, I went through the 'Join' pages, anew.

Although the 'Join' pages make great (GREAT) emphasis on the need for certain criteria for passwords and the need for no less than 5 security questions, there is no (zero) warning that the name MUST be that on the supporting documents.

Given that this is the very item that I have fallen down on, I would only suggest that, regardless of language, all applicants be urged, in BOLD RED WARNINGS, that the name they register with is the name their respective GOVERNMENTS know them by, as espoused in their Passport/ID Card/Driving Licence....

2nd Aside

[compliments to event organisers]

Loverley Juberley!

by Alex R (C2)

I believe that the ruling in arbitration case  is applicable in this case.


I confirm that I have seen the documentation presented by Terry at the [event] as being in his full name Terence Neil T[...], that the other information in the Terry's account is in accord with the documentation presented at the [event] and I also confirm that Terry is almost universally used by people whose name is Terence in the UK.  - Ian Alastair R[...] (CARS)


Alex R[...]




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