Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: Steve S (R), Claimant: Eric F (C), Case: a20111111.1

History Log

Original Dispute

I am writing to file a complaint about an assurer.  He is going out of his
way to "create" expenses in order to get free lunch out of assuring people.
I offered to meet him wherever he wanted.  He chose a location and then
said I needed to buy him lunch.  He was upfront about it, but said that I
could give him cash or a gift card instead.  This seems to go against the
policy of charging for expenses if he is creating the expenses.

When I asked about this he said the location point was XXX miles away from
his house and that he was going out of his way despite choosing the
location.  My interpretation is that he is forcing people to pay in order
to assure them and claiming it is "expenses".

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