Before: Arbitrator AlexRobertson (A), Respondent: name respondent (R), Claimant: André D (C), Case: a20110920.1

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It has been well established in earlier cases that variants of names are permissible in the account.

The inclusion (or otherwise) of an accent in the name (André or Andre) is a matter at the discretion of the individual. In this particular case, the inclusion of the accent would be normal - and may or may not be echoed in formal documentation - this is allowed for in the rules on transliteration as per the Assurer's Handbook.

I therefore rule that the inclusion of the accent as per the claimant's request is allowable and direct that Support arrange to correct the claimant's record appropriately.

Alex Robertson
CACert Arbitrator
Crewe, UK
19th March 2013


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