Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: Matthias S (R1), Claimant: Thorsten B (C), Case: a20110813.1

History Log

Original Dispute, Discovery (Private Part)

Link to private part (access for A and CM only).

EOT Private Part



Based on the statements of the Claimant, three other Assurers and the owner of the account I give the following ruling:

The Date of Birth in the account of R1 shall be changed by support according to the claim. No reduction of Assurance Points or Experience Points is considered necessary.

The Assurers who assured the account containing a wrong Date of Birth shall be notified that Assurances must not be completed unless all data in the account matches the data found in the ID documents.

It is not considered necessary to impose further penalties on R4 and A2/R3, since they were cooperative and helpful in handling the situation.

The Arbitrator reserves the option to record an entry in the Warnings Database according to a20111204.3 against R2 in a followup ruling, in case he does not give a statement on this issue in reasonable time.

Followup Ruling

The answer of R2 did arrive a bit late, but with an acceptable delay. No further action or penalty against R2 is considered necessary.


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