Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A), Respondent: Martin G. (R1), Ulrich S. (R2), CAcert Inc. (R3), Claimant: Dominik G. (C), Case: a20101227.2

History Log

this e-mail is to notify that I am officially withdrawing case a20101227.2.

I have re-considered a lot and am certain this topic should be solved personally.

Please publish this withdrawel notification in the Arbitration documentation.


Original Dispute, Discovery

A CAcert booth was planned for the 27c3 event in Berlin. Event organisers are R1
and me. However, R1 failed to do anything useful for this
event throughout the whole planning phase and also failed to inform
others about his delay in arriving at the location. R2, who
stated his availability and that he would bring all materials necessary
for the event. He canceled his trip the evening before the event, but
also failed to inform any of the organisers.

As I did my trip to Berlin mainly for the CAcert booth and the failure
of the booth means immense mental stress and (as a student) incredible
financial costs, I am asking the community for some kind of
reimbursement for this.


Preliminary Ruling

Both respondents are member to the CAcert Arbitration mailing list. To ensure equal access to information for all parties I'll forward any information relating to this case which is posted on the Arbitration mailing list to the Claimant.


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