Summary: My account contains a wrong birthdate but I already got Assurance Points so I cannot correct it anymore.

Before: Arbitrator name arbitrator (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Harold B (C), Case: a20100317.1

History Log



Considering the collected evidence I give the following ruling:

R's Assurance made on the claimant's account shall be revoked so C can correct the date of birth.

R shall loose the two experience points for this Assurance and is ordered to repeat the Assurance made on C (after the DoB is changed) to regain them.

R shall be notified to administer more care in comparing the data when doing Assurances.

No further penalty is imposed since this is R's first offence and he was very prompt and cooperative in response to the request for assistance.

Adjusted Ruling

Due to technical limitations it is not easily possible to remove two experience points from R's account. This "penalty" will be waived therefore. Nevertheless R is strongly encouraged to repeat the Assurance with C.


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