Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Joerg S (C1) Bjoern E (C2) Michael T (C3), Case: a20100310.2

Initial mailings archived at the disputes mailing list:

Summary: C2 and C3 state that last name and first name are switched in the account of C1. C1 wants to switch the names so they are correct as stated by C2 and C3.

History Log



The Claimant's claim that his ID documents contain "Jörg" as a given name and "S." as family name has been confirmed by three Assurers, and noone has objected.

I consider this as sufficient evidence that the claim is justified and therefore order Support to change the name in C's account accordingly.

No revocation of Assurances or existing certificates is considered necessary since the names before and after the change are similar enough and no way of abusing certificates is obvious.


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