> BugMeNot operates a service to bypass the CAcert login procedures [1].
> Its terms and conditions clash with CCA [2].
> The site appears more oriented to marketing collection of data than 
> any
> attempt to bypass all data collection.  On the contact page it includes 
> the option of "block my site".
> Because of the contradictions between CCA and BugMeNot's service
> offering and T&Cs, I request Arbitrator to request a suspension of the 
> service in the short term, review the overall offering, and then 
> consider how the two of us can work together.
> iang
> [1] <link anonymized>
> [2] http://www.bugmenot.com/terms.php
> [3] http://www.bugmenot.com/contact.php

Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: BugMeNot (R), Claimant: Iang (C), Case: a20100228.1

History Log

Intermediate Ruling

Intermediate Ruling #2


Your site has now been blocked from the bugmenot system. We reserve the right to unblock the site if this system has been abused in any manner.

Please note: if you operate subdomains such as members.site.com it is recommended you repeat this process for those sites also.

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Site Blocked

This site has been barred from the bugmenot system.

You further warrant that you have all rights necessary to authorize the distribution and re-distribution of any material you submit for inclusion or use in the bugmenot.com system.

 You will not submit sites that have any form of age access verification (COPPA).

 You will not submit login accounts for pay-per-view accounts or any other form of paid content access.

 You will not submit login accounts which you have no ownership of, or are not the responsible party for.

 If you are an owner, employee, partner, affiliate or representative (legal or otherwise) of any site which enforces compulsory user registration then you are forbidden from accessing any resource of this site. Failure to comply constitutes unauthorised access.

<buggerking@bugmenot.com>: host mx-fwd-1.nearlyfreespeech.net[]
    said: 550 5.1.1 <buggerking@bugmenot.com>: Recipient address rejected: User
    unknown in virtual alias table (in reply to RCPT TO command)


I hereby order to close the account with the primary email address buggerking@bugmenot.com immidiately

Before "Delete an account handling", Support should check wether the account has addtl. email addresses set, has received assurance points, has given assurance points, has created client- and/or server certificates. In short: please keep a printout as PDF of the current state of the account. Please send this printout to the CM/A of this case.

After that, all certificates should be revoked.

All assurances given should be revoked (if there any).

All assurances received should be revoked.

All existing email addresses added to this account should not be removed as they are used in a breach of CCA. Also the primary email address should not be removed. Please add the email address mask for this case and replace the primary email address for that account with the arbitration case mask email address to prevent further usage of these email addresses creating accounts or using accounts.

The attempt of a BugMeNot user can be seen to underrun CAcerts CCA / DRP with such an account.

CAcert doesn't need that testing accounts outside CAcert's juristication. Every user can create an account, can test it, can create certificates for free. No other test account needed. As privacy is an issue, the users email address is secured, the users name is secure. So no addtl. obfuscation service is needed to keep the users privacy.

Frankfurt/Main, June 24th, 2010


Post Arbitration Ruling

The domain in question that is added to the account shall remain for at least 7 years, as this verified domain was used in a strawman attempt. To prevent usage of this domain in other strawment attempts, this domain should be kept for the duration given above. Deadline: June 23th, 2017

Frankfurt/Main, June 28th 2010

Execution II

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