Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: Dominik George (R), Claimant: Michael Tänzer (C), Case: a20100223.1

History Log



(R) applies for role of Support Engineer under Security Policy. Despite the fact that he is very young, he makes a plausible case that he is reliable enough to gain access to CAcert systems and data, as part of the Support Engineer work.

(R) does not have the experience with all the rules and procedures and the structure of a big organisation, but he gained enough experience with related work in a university, and he was convinced enough to read SP/SM and could follow it.

(R) will move into an existing team, so he will have contact with people he can ask if something unforeseen happens. (R) convinced us in the interview that he would first ask around, before breaking a rule.

On the other side, he had not realized that the counterpart to Support Engineers handling of unforseen situations is the Arbitration system (in the interview, Board was named as such) despite the fact he is familiar with the arbitration system, as he is claimant and also respondent in some cases.

Hence my recommendation is for team members to support (R) in his first phase in the proposed area. My recommendation for the t/l is to discuss some cases with him, to get him well trained to do his job.

Investigation of potential weaknesses in social engineering revealed that (R) has some familiarity with this topic. Within the interview Dominik also received a first training about this topic.

To the interviewer: Please delete all documents (CV, Reference list, interview recording) regarding this case from your system. Please confirm the removal with your CARS statement. The referenced documents will be held by CM/A of this case only.

Frankfurt/Main, June 24th, 2010


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