Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Wolfgang K (C) Stefan K (C2), Case: a20100218.1

History Log


Intermediate Ruling

Frankfurt/Main, Feb 18th, 2010 Ulrich Schroeter

Intermediate Ruling #2

I order hereby, the removal of the account with current Name: Stefan K Primary Email Address: <email anonymized> Account ID: 52572

This account has not received any Assurance Points, has no flag IsAssurer and therefor has not given any Assurances to others.

Please follow the instructions given for the Delete an Account procedure. Lesson 20 - Arbitration Case - Delete Account Request to verify, that no certs bound to this account (I assume no certs were created yet) otherwise these certs needs to be revoked.

Frankfurt/Main, Feb 19th, 2010 Ulrich Schroeter


is to solve the conflict with a double account and double Email address, 'caused by a software bug, allowing users to enter identical but case sensitive Email addresses a second time into the system.

Intermediate Ruling #3

There is a problem in executing intermediate Ruling #2 (see below).

The problem with the Email address <email address in question> results in a conflict / limitation of the admin console interface, to display only one account. As verified, the 2nd account, who shouldn't be deleted.

So therefor I request from the user Stefan K, the temporary removal of the Email address in conflict:

from the account with the current Email address:

Please login to your account:

Go to email addresses, and remove the email address: <email address in question>

Please reply to this Email, once you've executed the temporary removel of the email address in question.

The next steps will be: So Support can continue with the action required by intermediate ruling #2 If these steps has been executed, I'll leave you a note, that you can reenter the email address in question into the system.

Frankfurt/Main, Feb 19th 2010 Ulrich Schroeter

Intermediate Ruling #4

I've ordered the user to remove the duplicate email address in the users 2nd Account. He had removed this email address, so the Email Address in question is only once in the database in the users 1st account.

Intermediate Ruling #5

To Software Engineer:

Intermediate Ruling #6

I hereby ask the user, to re-add the email address in question:

to his running account with the primary email address

If added to the account, please switch this re-added email address to make it the primary email address of this account.

Please reply to this email if you've executed this request.


This case has been handled thru intermediate rulings #1 to #6. This case could not be solved by only a Support Engineer, also a Software Engineer needs to be contacted.

  1. first to analyze the problem
  2. to solve the problem

At each execution step a 4 eyes principle has been followed.

This Delete an Account request is no termination of CCA, because user continues with his 2nd account. So therefor this Delete Account request can be handled without delay. No reliance broken.

So intermediate rulings also affirmed by this final ruling.

Problem solved. Case closed.

Frankfurt/Main, June 24th, 2010


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