Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Martijn (C) Nikolas P (C2) DominikGeorge (C3), Case: a20100209.2

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Re: Arbitration case a20100209.2 - [s20100208.88] [s20100213.108] Dispute due to difference in the name on the CAP form and the system

Hi all,

Thanks for the reminder on this. While I appreciate this is all run by volunteers...

If this is the average response time for an arbitration case, even one as simple as this, CACert is quickly becoming obsolete.

I'm effectively being prevented from using my certificate & my right to be assured and to assure others by a fault in the system & rules.

I was assured at FOSDEM 2010 by most people and it was there that this problem in the CACert rules & online system came to light.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but if a simple arbitration like this can't be settled in a year... then CACert is totally useless for me.

If this relatively simple arbitration request has not been solved before FOSDEM 2011, I will have to conclude that CACert is a nice idea... but nothing more than that. At that time (march 1st, 2011), you can drop this arbitration request as I will be removing my keys and account at that time.

Yours sincerely,




Due to mass handling of support tickets, this case gets added as an additional case instead of merging to the existing case a20100207.2 As I'm working right now on case a20100207.2, therefor I merge these both cases into one case a20100207.2


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