I registered with <email anonymized> email address, lost my password 
and I do not remember the answers to the sequrity questions needed for 
the password reset. birth date: ##.##.####. could you please delete 
the account the belonging domains (<3 domains anonymized>)
and email addresses, so I can regester with my current 
company email?

Before: Mario Lipinski (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Mark Z (C), Case: a20100205.1

History Log


The request has been returned to support to handle this as a possible support case. E-Mails can be disputed with the CAcert web application from new accounts. As C did not respond, it is assumed there is no need to handle this within arbitration. If the user wants his account deleted, he should file a new dispute. No further action.

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