I have been asked (m20091220.2) to propose new team members for the
Software Assessment team. I talked to the suggested candidates, roughly
evaluated their qualifications and time-budgets, and came to the
conclusion that we should start the process with Alexander Prinsier and
Markus Warg.

Therefore please start the arbitrated Background Checks on Alexander
Prinsier and Markus Warg now.

Best regards,

Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: Markus Warg (R), Claimant: Philipp Gühring (C), Case: a20100116.1

History Log



conflict with a role under Security Policy (SP).

discovered. This was observed during the interview, and discussed. The relationship has no apparent force. We therefore conclude that although a CoI exists in theory, it does not represent a material threat to CAcert.

revealed that (C) had little familiarity with this topic. I recommend training in this area. A first lesson in this area was given by interviewer.

matter (Software). Knowledge is based on experienced rather than on academic training.

Frankfurt/Main, Feb 21st 2010 Ulrich Schroeter


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