Please file DISPUTE to request Arbitrated Background Check over 
Alexander Prinsier <email anonymized>.

The direct result is to propose him to board for the potential role of 
Support Engineer, as covered by Security Policy  However the 
ABC can be seen as broad and independent of Support work.

Note that Alexander is currently listed as Arbitrator, so we will need 
to resolve any potential conflicts between Arbitration role and SE role 
before final appointment.

iang, temporary Support Officer.

I have been asked (m20091220.2) to propose new team members for the
Software Assessment team. I talked to the suggested candidates, roughly
evaluated their qualifications and time-budgets, and came to the
conclusion that we should start the process with Alexander Prinsier and
Markus Warg.

Therefore please start the arbitrated Background Checks on Alexander
Prinsier and Markus Warg now.

Best regards,

Before: Arbitrator [not installed bacause of dismiss] (A), Respondent: Alexander Prinsier (R), Claimant: Iang (C1), Philipp Gühring (C2), Case: a20100113.2

History Log

Private Part

EOT Private Part


The dispute was withdrawn by the first claimant because of the time that has passed siwithdrawn, dismissed, closednce the dispute and because of the respondent not being active in the according area any more. The withraw (and dismiss) should only be understood in this sense.

While the second claimant was not contacted, it is assumed that he also does not have an interest in the continuation of the case because neither he nor the respondent are currently active in any area of CAcert.

The case is dismissed because of a) it was not picked up for over five years by any arbitrator b) the respondent is not active in the support area any more and c) the withdraw by the first claimant.

No decision in any direction was done in this case.


No ruling. Case was dismissed.

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