on my CAP form about <respondent> there is no middle name.
Please you to do a deeper check about the users account name against all
or the last assurances made because there is a possible data inconstancy
between ID docs, CAP forms and Account name at least from my and
<name anonymized> assurance.

Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: Dariush Forouher (R), Claimant: Martin Gummi (C), Case: a20100103.1

History Log



The Assurance in question was made before AP comes to Draft and takes effect. Also the general rule to stop assurance if there is an issue with information increase (i.e. addtl. givennames, titles) have been pushed out to the assurers after AP was 9 months in effect.

As the verification of the CAP form against the data in the online account differs only by the 2nd givenname, but the 1st givenname, the lastname and the DoB were correct, (C) finished the assurance with this minor difference.

At the time of Assurance AP wasn't in effect, but CCA was. The simple definition in CCA is: 2.3 Obligations - You are obliged ... 1. to provide accurate information as part of Assurance. No direct reference to AP as AP wasn't in Draft at this time. CAP forms before June 2009 had no direct reference to AP.

So therefor this minor difference between ID doxs of (R), CAP form that (C) have and again the name in the online account of (R) doesn't needs a correction in either way. The assurance of (C) over (R) doesn't needs to be revoked, as the assurance made March 2008 follows the rules in place at this time. So therefor no actions needed.

Case Closed.

Frankfurt/Main, July 16th 2010


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