Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: Georgios Kargiotakis (R), Claimant: Dominik George (C), Case: a20091231.2

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I'm conducted in ruling to this case by the precedents case a20090618.12 by either Introduction to the case and also by the ruling. So therefor I hereby rule, that it is not illegal for someone that could identify himself by official documents with a givenname "Georgios" to keep a givenname of "George" in his CAcert account and I hereby confirm that the assurance can be finished by the claimant because the account owner does not want the givenname changed and I consider it is covered by the assurance policy section 2.2 as a legal language or country variation on Greek givennames.


The Assurance Statement (AP 1.1) makes the following 5 claims about a person:

  1. The person is a bona fide Member. In other words, the person is a member of the CAcert Community as defined by the CAcert Community Agreement (CCA);
    • this can be achieved
  2. The Member has a (login) account with CAcert's on-line registration and service system;
    • this can be achieved
  3. The Member can be determined from any CAcert certificate issued by the Account;
    • this can be achieved
  4. The Member is bound into CAcert's Arbitration as defined by the CAcert Community Agreement;
    • this can be achieved, as seen in this arbitration
  5. Some personal details of the Member are known to CAcert: the individual Name(s), primary and other listed individual email address(es), secondary distinguishing feature (e.g. DoB).
    • this can be achieved. There exists resources on the internet, the givenname variation can be found to be a valid variation on a Greek givenname.

So this case givenname variation can be matched to AP 2.2 Multiple Names and variations.

As PracticeOnNames doesn't covered this case yet doesn't imply that this variation doesn't exists. PracticeOnNames is a living practice document, that will be updated continously as new informations arrive, new exceptions comes to knowledge of Assurance Area. The common Dutch givenname variation has been handled after this dispute filing has started. So claimants claim was correct at the time writing dispute filing in relation to existing and written documents. But the overall alignments has moved since pushing AP to Community back in spring 2009 and the strict dogma on full match of names against ID docs has been shown to be inpractibel in a planet world not limited to central Europe. I consider to also add the Greek givenname variations onto the PracticeOnNames Known country variations list.

Frankfurt/Main, September 26, 2010


Post Arbitration Notes

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