Dear customer support
One of our employees left Steria
Unfortunately the (cacert) login-information for this employees account
<email anonymized> got lost and we are not able to recover the

The account's primary mail-address should be: <email anonymized>
(but I'm not sure about this).

Until now, the only thing we have issued is: creation of a new account
named to: <email anonymized>.
After login we wanted to dispute the domains, but we saw that this
action would revoke all active certificates. So this is not the thing we
want to do.

D. account contains many domains such as <domainlist> and perhaps some more.
To gain all those information we consider as missing at the moment, we
need access to this important account again.

Please provide us a possibility to gain access to the following account:
<email anonymized> or tell us, how to proceed.

Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Andreas Niedermann (C), Case: a20091214.1

History Log

You can close or delete the case a20091214.1. The people concerned
agreed peacefully without a decision or action from CAcert needed. I
gave them some hints how to proceed and that was sufficient for them to
find an internal solution.  




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