Hello Arbitrators,

herby I file dispute against Robert Cruikshank. He made a false
assurance. Checking Stig E. <email anonymized> I found the following

Assurance Punkte

Datum   Wer     E-Mail  Punkte  Ort     Methode

<date> <time> Robert Cruikshank <email anonymized> 35   TTP
Face to Face Meeting

Punkte insgesamt:       35      

Please regard the place "TTP" and Method "Face to Face Meeting"! From
the context below I assume that Robert and Stig never met face to face.

Regards, Werner Dworak

Before: Arbitrator Lambert Hofstra (A), Respondent: Robert Cruikshank (R), Claimant: Werner Dworak (C), Case: a20091202.2

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