I hereby file a dispute, to build a procedure
how in-active Case Managers and Arbitrators
can be identified and then removed from
the Arbitrators team.

i.e. ping mail ?
ping mail as private mail ?
ping mail in the arbitrators discussion mailing list ?

How long the initiator of the ping mail have to
wait before a CM / A can be removed
from the team?

Whats about many running arbitrations
that doesn't show any progress for a long
How to define "long time" ?
2 weeks? 1 month? 2 months?

What's the role of a CM in such a case?
Should he request a progress report from the Arbitrator?
What if the Arbitrator doesn't answer ?
How this can be recorded ?
(hint: possible solution can be, to record
such progress report requests and their
results under the cases History Log)

The coming-in for Arbitrators is a nomination
and a board motion accepted.
The resign is allways only self-resigning.
There is no known procedure except
arbitration process to remove an in-active
CM or A

So needs the removal of an in-active
arbitrators also a board motion ?
Questions over questions, but
let this case simple:

Proposed procedure for removal of inactive
CaseManagers and Arbitrators

Today i've started a ping test
in the mailing list: cacert-arbitration@lists.cacert.org
and CC'ing all CaseManagers and Arbitrators
that are listed under _https://wiki.cacert.org/Arbitrations/Arbitrators_ [1]
for a sign of life and a response within
7 days by a direct email.

After the 7 days passed and a CaseManager
and/or Arbitrator doesn't answer i'll send
a reminder with an addtl. 1 week deadline.

If the 2 weeks passes w/o any answer
the candidate has to be removed
from the team.

The 4-eyes principle is included in this
procedure in the way, the ping
test is also sent to the arbitrators
mailing list.

All cases that this CaseManager and/or Arbitrator
handles, needs to be handed over to another
Case Manager and/or Arbitrator.
If there is no CM / A available, the
running case needs to be modified
to state - on hold, until a new CM / A
steps in. The former CM and/or A needs
to be marked as "former CM", "former A"
so that the next CM / A can continue
requesting infos from the former CM / A

So can you please confirm, that this is
an acceptable procedure to remove
inactive Case Managers / Arbitrators ?

I hereby accept the CCA and DRP under
this arbitration.
Ulrich Schroeter

Links: [1] Arbitrations / Arbitrators

2nd statement dated Wed, 2 Dec 2009

Dear Support, Dear Arbitrators,

I will bring to your attention about my dispute filing
case a20091126.2 "removal of in-active case managers and arbitrators procedure" that there still exists a Policy fo NonResponsiveMaintainers in the Fedora project. _http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/Policy/NonResponsiveMaintainers_ [2]

May be this helps in building up a procedure for CAcert's unresponsive arbitrators ?

As the numbered case has no assigned Case Manager and Arbitrator yet, i'll send it to support, that this addtl. info can be recorded also for this case.

Links: [2] NonResponsiveMaintainers

Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: UlrichSchroeter (C), Case: a20091126.2

History Log


Because some arbitration cases have been found to be in a 'stalled' state, a procedure is required to hand over a case to a new arbitrator and/or case manager.

This is an unusual case, in the sense that it's only purpose is to prepare a procedure and have it accepted by the arbitrators at an arbitrator's meeting. Although no formal case manager was appointed, the ruling was accepted by multiple arbitrator's in a meeting.


Arbitrators should add a notice to the init mails that the Claimant and Respondent can ask about a progress report, and if that request remains unanswered for 2 weeks, they can ask the DRO about it.

A template for the init mailing is maintained here: Arbitrations/Training/Lesson08

When anyone thinks a case is stalling:


Template init mailing has been updated at Arbitrations/Training/Lesson08. Arbitrators have been informed through the arbitration mailing list.

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