yestrday I assured Michael Mütterlein.

Unfortunately, the assured dated on the website is wrong: It was not 2009-10-07 but 2009-10-21, so please change it to: 2009-10-21.

Thank you very much!
Kind regards,
Sebastian Lemke 

Before: Arbitrator Mario Lipinski (A). Respondent: CAcert (R) Claimant: Sebastian Lemke (C) Case: a20091021.1


The assurance will be removed from the system and C is asked to reenter the assurance with correct information.

Technical Background

Though the database stores the date of completion if the web assurance form automatically (notary.when) only the date of the meeting (notary.date) which is entered by the Assurer is shown a read only in the support interface.

A workaround would be to revoke the Assurance from the support interface and then notify the Claimant that he should repeat his Assurance

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