Fakename on a account "zxbeheer ZXFactory" (beheer *AT* zx *DOT* nl) - account is used for a company. It´s not a personal account, but has a fake dob. For using OA this account must be closed and the domains/emailaddresses must be removed (for transfer to a new OA account).

Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A). Respondent: "Lukas Markus Kenter" / "zxbeheer ZXFactory" (R) Claimant: Christopher Hoth (C) Case: a20090918.1

C: Christopher Hoth opened arbitration and accepts arbitration under CCA/DRP

R: Lucas Kenter accepted arbitration under CCA/DRP

CM: Forwarded detailed information about the case to arbitrator

2009-09-29 A: Sent a mail to all parties trying to establish the facts

2009-09-30: R and C sent replies to A's mail, confirming the facts are like in the summary on this page.

2009-10-01 A: Sent a request to support for facts about the account

2009-10-11 A: Renewed information request to support

2009-10-11 Support responds to request:

2009-12-01 A: Requesting deletion of account, since (more than) enough time to allow for an appeal has passed.

2010-01-04 A: Requested status from support

2010-01-05 Support reports account is deleted

2010-01-07 A: The case is closed


Considering the case I am giving the following ruling for the account beheer *AT* zx *DOT* nl:

Note: The information received from support at 2009-10-11 makes most parts of this ruling obsolete. Nevertheless I kept the ruling to make clear what I would have decided if the facts would have been like I expected them...

Relevant Other Cases


Ruling about assuring a non-personal account, states that the account has to be deleted.

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