(Repeat of a message send a few days after FrOSCon (22/8-23/8))

At froscon I met and assured Eugen Mayer. Upon entering the details on the assurance in the system I found that his account stated "Mayer Eugen". First and last names switched. Apart from that everything else seems to be in order.
mayer at impressive-media dot de.

I hereby request that an assurer looks into the matter.

Greetings Joost

Before: Arbitrator Alexander Prinsier (A). Respondent: Eugen Mayer (R) Claimant: Joost Steijlen (C) Case: a20090905.1

History Log


Three assureres confirmed that the names on the account belonging to the respondent were indeed switched.

The correct first name was found to be 'Eugen' and the last name was found to be 'Mayer'.

No malfeasance was discovered.

The error by the assurers was found to be caused by a misleading user interface on the CAcert website.

There are currently no certificates issued on the account, hence there are no problems regarding CPS compliance.


I hereby give CAcert Support the order to change the name on the account of the respondent so that the firstname becomes 'Eugen' and the last name becomes 'Mayer'.

No certificates shall revoked. No points will be lost on the account.


See Ruling.

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