I'm looking for deleting my account, but didn't find "the button"...

Please, could you tell it to me?

Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A). Respondent: CAcert (R) Claimant: Franck L. (C) Case: a20090826.1

Note: It is intended to anonymise the account (name and mail address) in this proceedings once the case is closed unless the Arbitrator rules otherwise. For ease of coordinating the involved parties the information is provided here during the case.

CM: Trying to find out primary mail adress of claimant's account.

20090829 (A): Assumed Arbitrator role also, since the case looks simple and noone on arbitration list objected.

20090829 (C): Mailed primary email address

20090829 (A): Support, please provide the number of Assurance Points and the number of issued (non-expired) certificates for the account of the Claimant

20090829 (A): Sent a mail to the account's address to verify that the Claimant has control.

20090830: Support provides some information, the account has no Assurance Points. Information on certificates cannot be retrieved by support without permission to "hijack" (that is: setting a new password and logging in to the account) the account.

20090829 (C): Confirmed control over account by replying to the Arbitrator's mail.

Intermediate Ruling

The Claimant wants the account deleted and control over the account's primary address has been verified. So I hereby rule that support is authorized to "hijack" the Claiman's account to check issued certificates.

If there are no issued certificates support shall delete the account.

If there are issued certificates please report the number of certificates and the latest expiry date to me for futher evaluation.

20090906 (A): Sent mail to support about intermediate ruling.

20090908 Support reports: Account was hijacked, no certificates found, account was deleted.

20090908 (A): Claimant's data has been anonymized, no further action is required.

20090908 (A): This case is closed

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