I need a minor change to my account name.  When it was set up, I set the optional middle name field to my initial "H".  Now that I've tried to verify and get a PGP key signed, I find that you're doing a way too literal string matching on the full name field.  My full name in all of my keys and UIDs is '''"Michael H. Warfield"''' and you're matching it against '''"Michael H Warfield"''' (without the dot '.' at the end of my initial).  So, I merely need the dot added to the end of H in the middle name field in the database.  I think this is a pretty obvious change that affects only the format (punctuation) and changes nothing significant in the verifications.  Any human notary would not even question that.



After picking up this case, I've checked what happens with this case before:

  1. user added this case as arbitration case by himself onto the wiki
    • Arbitrations/a20090818.1 (zuletzt geƤndert am 18.08.2009 19:28:07 durch?MichaelWarfield)

  2. I've started requesting support for the archive of emails around August 2009 about communications about this case
  3. support reports with a forwarding of 4 emails, that shows the communication between support and the user
    • The last two mails from support to user: 2009-08-20 and user to support: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 states: SE Guillaume Romagny solved this problem in his role as SE: 2009-08-20
    • and user requested on a reply to that: ... a20090818.1, so I guess you can just cancel that or delete it or close it out however you want.
  4. on a review over the account, the account name includes the dot after the middle name.
  5. Arbitration case dismissed. Problem solved in the meanwhile and handled thru support. Following the users request to close this case.


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