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i hereby file a dispute against the account with the email address

I have met Sabine B, born E at Linuxtag Berlin in the
face-2-face meeting at the booth at June 26th.
I'd verified the name on the CAP against the name in her ID document
(German Personalausweis, Bahncard).
The name on the IDcard:     Sabine B geb. E 
The name in the account:    Sabine E (B) 

Sabine tells us at the booth, that there is a known problem
in correct the ID documents, cause of missing general
documents (thats a private problem).
As it seems, there is no quick govermental solution,
there is a need, to correct the account to the naming
shown on the ID documents:
   from  Sabine E (B)
   to    Sabine B geb. E

As the Assuree has yet 100 assurance points and 24 experience points
(124 in total) something seems to be wrong.

I, Ulrich Schroeter makes a reliable statement related to the CARS program
as stated in
under "Reliable Statement" that i've met Sabine B geb. E at
June 26th, 2009
at the booth of Linuxtag Berlin 2009 in a face-to-face meeting.
I made an assurance and wrote down all names found on the German IDcard

Givenname(s):  Sabine
Surname     :  B geb. E

The assurance was conducted under the Assurance Policy including the
CAcert Community Agreement, signed by Sabine B geb. E.

Before: Arbitrator Martin Gummi (A). Respondent: Sabine B (R) Claimant: UlrichSchroeter (C) Case: a20090717.2

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Based on the presented information. I hereby rule:

Oberhausen, Nov, 14th 2010


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