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Hello! Can you please change my name, I changed my first and second name when I registered on cacert.org. My first name is Barna, my last name is B. Thank you

> Regarless of the order, Barna is your surname or your given name?

Barna is my given name.

Before: Arbitrator MarioLipinski (A). Respondent: CAcert (R) Claimant: Barna B (C) Case: a20090713.1

Information from Support:

Dear Case Managers,

The member has 55 points, (35+10+10) from a couple of days ago. But he
used first name/last name in the Hungarian way. He wrote his given name
as last name and surname as first name but now he noticed "his" mistake
and want the elements of his name swaped.

In the past this "obvious" fixes have been made as "routine support",
but you may want to stablish a procedure or something. If you think it's
ok as "routine support" please let me know so I can fix the problem.

History Log



C's account should be deleted. C is violating CAcerts rules that require him to keep his email in good working order and/or to participate in arbitration. Since last message to C was quite some time ago, execution to be delayed at least 14 days after ruling in case C follows up. CCA termination date will be documented after execution.

It was considered to not delete the account and to just block it. As C is unresponsive it seems to me as arbitrator the best way to also aim for CCA termination.

Berkeley, CA, 2012-07-01 Mario Lipinski


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