Dear cacert member,

My problem is that I registered a CACert account under my common name instead of first full name, but already have 70 points so I cannot change it anymore.

At the ATE meeting in Amsterdam, june 15th, I was attended on this being incorrect and was asked by a CACert representative to get the points removed to be able again to change my name.

Can you please remove my points?

Kind regards,

Chris van Meerendonk 

Before: Arbitrator Lambert Hofstra (A). Respondent: CAcert support (R) Claimant: Chris van Meerendonk (C) Case: a20090626.1


  8.1.  Authority

The software interface gives features to Support Engineer. Access to the special features is under tight control. Additions to the team are approved by Board, and the software features are under CCS. See §3.4.2.

Support Engineers do not have any inherent authority to take any action, and they have have to get authority on a case-by-case basis. The authority required in each case must be guided by this policy or the Security Manual or other clearly applicable document. If the Member's authority is not in doubt, the Member can give that authority. If not, the Arbitrator's authority must be sought.

Support Engineers are responsible to follow the policies and practices.

Note: a member can only request to have the points removed he/she received from an Assurer, not points he gave to another member as an Assurer

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