Dear sirs,

Several years ago I registered myself on the Cacert site with just my
middle first name. My Dutch driver license only spells out the FIRST first
name, while the Dutch ID card and passport spells out ALL my first names.
After discussing this today at the ATE-Eemnes with other assurers and
arbitors, I think it is better to register ALL my names. Hence this

Currently recorded:
Egbert van den Bussche

This should be changes to:
Hendrik Egbert Jan van den Bussche

My passport caries these full names and my driver license shows this as
Hendrik E. J.
With all my names on record, my drivers license will be more easily be
accepted during assurances.

Today both Bas van den Dikkenberg (assurer) and Hans Verbeek
(assurer/arbiter) validated the presented ID documents, assured me and
support me in this request.

Please consider granting this request, please inform me in due time.

Best regards,

(Hendrik) Egbert (Jan) van den Bussche

Before: Philipp Dunkel (A). Respondent: CAcert Incorporated (R) Claimant: Egbert van den Bussche (C) Case: a20090621.2
A: Requested contact Information of claimant from CM and support
C: The DRP & CCA were accepted via private signed mail
W: Hans Verbeek and Bas van den Dikkenberg confirmed the claimants claims via signed E-Mails



Due to these facts I order the accounts name to be changed without the removal of any assurance or experience points. The claimant is requested to revoke currently valid certificates, however this is not an order and is left to the discretion of the claimant.

The certificates are not revoked mandatorily, because
 * the CPS only requires the name to be assured under Assurance Policy, which it was.
 * the Assurance Policy itself only requires that the Name, E-Mail and secondary distinguishing feature be known, which they are.
 * the current PracticeOnNames would suggest that the current account name is actually valid according to current policies and practices.


A: The claimant has been notified of the ruling by E-Mail
A: support@c.o has been requested to change the account by E-Mail


Used as precedence by a20090618.4

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